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Innovate_Inventory of best practices for setting up an integrated energy efficiency service package including access to long-term financing to homeowners, July 2018


Presentation of the INNOVATE project at the Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum (February 21-22, 2018)
(42 min.)

Presentation of the INNOVATE project: Slides

Capacity Building Workshops:

Innovate and Ace-Retrofitting Capacity Building Workshop, Brussels 19th June 2019

  • Training materials:

INNOVATE business models checklist

How to choose the right business model

How to organise the customer journey? Reimarkt  Picardie Pass Rénovation Oktave

  • Presentations:

Methods & strategies for making energy renovation programmes an easy task PTT

 The convenient store for sustainable living – KAW-Reimarkt PDF

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Expected publications and documents to be developed in the frame of the project:

  • Policy recommendations
  • Final EU brochure with case studies

and much more…