In a Nutshell

INNOVATE – We are developing attractive energy retrofit packages for homeowners

The issue

For homeowners, the energy refurbishment process is unclear. For some, it is not obvious why saving energy is important.  They ignore the multiple benefits of energy refurbishments.  Positive return on investments, increased property value, thermal comfort… Others are aware, but do not know what measures they can take, how to finance them, who to contact and how to start. Moreover, renovation costs compete with other household investment priorities such as buying a new car or remodelling their kitchen. Often the energy renovation process stops at a planning stage.

The solution

INNOVATE partners want to motivate homeowners to carry out deep energy retrofits of private residential buildings – single family houses and condominiums. In order to facilitate the process, they will develop and roll out attractive energy retrofit packages, ideally offered in one location – a one-stop-shop.

The service packages include:

  • Engagement process
  • Communication and marketing tools
  • Energy renovation and financial plans
  • Tailor-made products
  • Coordination of the renovation process
  • Long term and affordable financing
  • Guaranteed results

🔊 For media coverage about INNOVATE and “The one big thing cities should do for better buildings”: please download the INNOVATE EU media package.

*The INNOVATE project is financed by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission.