Tricky details of renovation one-stop-shops: Take-aways from the workshop on September 21st

🎦 Replay the capacity-building workshop: watch the full workshop here.

The event was composed of the following three sessions:

  • Problem-solving around participants’ challenges : Q&A session around challenges brought up by participants.
  • National networking session
  • Expert talk on EU-funding opportunities for one-stop-shops with the European Investment Bank

📑 The full event report: here


😊 Participants’ feedback

“Very interesting insights, hope to hear more about the OSS around Europe.

Mona Hosseini, Klimaschutzagentur (Germany)

“Thanks interesting some new ideas and approaches to think about.”

Sandy Rutherford, Leeds (UK)

“Thank YOU for all the effort. Not easy in these times of COVID.”

Hans van der Logt, Heerlen (The Netherlands)

“Thanks for the excellent management of the final event. You really did a great job.”

Bahram Dehghan, Frederikshavn (Denmark)

“Thank you for organizing online final event, which was interesting and useful event in national slots by me.”

Jaruslav Klusak, Litomerice (Czech Republic)


Integrated Renovation Programmes and One-Stop-Shops: the Innovate experience

Replay the webinar (on May 20, 2020) below:

Integrated into the second EuroACE Series of Online Workshops entitled “Renovation Wave in Action: Sharing Experiences”, this webinar focused on one-stop shops for energy renovation and on the experience of the EU-Funded, INNOVATE Project.

Through this webinar, policymakers, the INNOVATE partners and EuroACE (the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings) discussed the roll-out of one-stop shops across the EU through different perspectives, from both the public and private angle. Green MEP Ciaran Cuffe from the European Parliament reminded that we need to help people on their journey if we want to ramp up renovation. He talked about the renovation timeline and priorities that have been set for the European level. From the INNOVATE partners, the French company Énergies Demain shared its experience and expertise on the challenges of one-stop-shops. Céline Carré from EuroAce draw the attention to the coordination gap in the sector and the urgency to aggregate projects. Additional questions from participants provided ideas on how the upcoming Renovation Wave Initiative can be leveraged to dramatically scale-up their deployment.

Reminding the agenda:

  • Opening and Guidance to Participants: Adrian Joyce, EuroACE
  • Introduction on OSS & presentation of Innovate project: Jana Cicmanova, Energy Cities
  • Policy insight from the EP perspective: Ciaran Cuffe, Member of the European Parliament
  • Policy insight and the experience of Énergies Demain: Françoise Réfabert, Energies Demain
  • Policy insight from the Industry: Céline Carré, Vice-President of EuroACE
  • Q&A Session moderated by: Adrian Joyce, EuroACE
  • Conclusions: Jana Cicmanova, Energy Cities

Contact the organisers:

  • EuroACE: Eva Brardinelli, Communications and Events Officer
  • Energy Cities: Thibaut Marquin, Project Manager

Conference and capacity-building workshop on one-stop-shops, 22 April 2020, Heerlen (The Netherlands)

Cancelled due to Covid-19

Attractive home renovation service packages for homeowners
Wednesday 22 April 2020, 9:00-17:00
Heerlen (The Netherlands)

If you are thinking about launching your one-stop-shop (OSS), this event is for you!

The residential sector remains one of the most energy intensive sectors. If national and local authorities want to achieve their ambitious energy and climate targets, they have to pro-actively support citizens in launching retrofits.

Learn from the local authorities and private sector experts from 11 European places who have developed attractive home renovation service packages for homeowners, offered conveniently in one location – ‘a one-stop-shop’.

Each country and region are special. Therefore, each one-stop-shop is different. During this one-day event, experts will share their mistakes and successes, results and recommendations with those who want to set up a one-stop shop.

Some of the questions tackled during the event:

  • Are private companies or local craftsmen cooperatives better placed than local authorities in providing integrated home renovation services?
  • How to set the one stop shop step-by-step? What employee profiles do you need for your OSS? How much does an OSS cost?
  • Why do the city of Riga in Latvia and Aradippou in Cyprus provide subsidies to their citizens?
  • Is the OSS business model viable without stable and long-term public subsidies?
  • Did the guarantee fund set up by the Extremadura region increase the renovation rates in the region?
  • Why is the one-stop-shop in the Dutch city of Groningen closing down after 6 years of operation while a new OSS has just opened in Heerlen?

Have a look at the detailed programme and join us to meet representatives of local and regional authorities, energy agencies, EU and national policy makers, craft and trade federations or cooperatives, banks and financiers.

For agenda and registration details please check the website of the Cities&Citizens Forum, in the framework of which the INNOVATE conference takes place.

Capacity Building Workshop – Brussels – June 19th 2019

Capacity Building Workshop – Brussels – June 19th 2019