What are one-stop-shops?

Over the past years, public administrations and private players have been developing and testing solutions for energy efficient homes. How can we motivate and support homeowners in their renovation projects? Retrofitting a home requires many resources and services. One-stop-shops are the solution to bundle everything needed: Homeowners who want to improve their home can get advice, but also support on financing and installation.

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The one-stop-shop functions as a marketplace and it basically makes the connection between supply and demand.”

Luc Peters, City of Heerlen

Cooperation with the local administration is very important: it raises awareness and encourages energy retrofits. Then, we take the homeowner to the next step.

Kristian Maters, ReimaRkt

The biggest challenge for a local authority is to create a trustworthy relationship with the homeowner.

Bahram Dehghan, City of Frederikshavn